Neon Carnival

topo chico sponsor booth (2023)

PROJECT TYPE: Design + Development

PROJECT GOAL(S): To design a fun, interactive, eye-catching custom game installation.

The Neon Carnival is an exclusive, invite-only Coachella after party. This was the first year that Topo Chico featured a sponsor booth at the carnival. Hundreds of celebrities and influencers played until the sun came up.

The project consisted of building an interactive installation using a 10' x 10' tent. The booth included a custom built TIC-TAC-TOPO game with life-size game pieces + light-up game board, custom built shelving for prizes which attached to the back walls + custom signage. 

"Yellow Room"

complete buildout for topo chico

PROJECT TYPE: Design + Development

PROJECT GOAL(S): Design & build a portable 10' x 10' Topo Chico "Yellow Room" used to capture content and display signage.

The "Yellow Room" buildout was originally designed for VidCon (2022-2023) with Topo Chico.  The portable "Yellow Room" was used as a 360 photo booth during Nat Expo West (2023) and during LA Swim Week (2023).

Recycled wooden pallets were incorporated into the dividers.

LA Art Show

PROJECT TYPE: Design + Development

PROJECT GOAL(S): Design large scale artwork and curate sponsor booth.

MM5 curated + installed the Topo Chico Sponsor Booths for the 2022-2023 LA Art Shows, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

The 2023 curation included five original Topo Chico inspired artworks by Hilary Rose Mix.

The Upcycle Project

sustainability project - topo chico collab

PROJECT TYPE: Form + Function

PROJECT GOAL(S): To design an original work of art using recycled materials.

The Upcycle Project (2022) with Topo Chico was a nationwide marketing campaign bringing attention to sustainability and recycling materials. This project debuted on Earth Day 2022. As the only artist chosen from the LA Market, Hilary Rose Mix was given the challenge to create an original work of art incorporating recycled materials.

The 65”H x 40” artwork consisted of 30 recycled glass Topo Chico bottles, broken ceramics, mirrors, three wooden pallets and bottle caps. The artwork was installed at its forever home; a bar named Machista, located in San Pedro, California.